Letter to Governor Edwards on behalf of the LA School Boards Association's Board of Directors and Membership thanking him for his leadership and being the champion for public elementary and secondary education - click here to view: https://5il.co/1apoc
about 1 month ago, Robin Cosenza
Consortium of State School Boards Association Launch Letter. Click here: https://5il.co/194ev
2 months ago, Robin Cosenza
3 months ago, Robin Cosenza
white house
Louisiana Youth Advisory Council accepting applications for 2022-2023 membership. Click here: https://5il.co/153lr
5 months ago, Robin Cosenza
LA Dual Enrollment portal launching soon. Click here: https://5il.co/14lvx
5 months ago, LSBA
AT&T Investing Tens of Millions of Dollars in Louisiana Network Resiliency Click here: https://5il.co/115rc
8 months ago, LSBA
LSBA Update: LSBA Membership Status in NSBA: https://5il.co/10jfd
9 months ago, LSBA
LSBA News Update: LSBA Response to NSBA's Request for Federal Intervention: https://5il.co/108vx
9 months ago, Janet Pope
LSBA letter to BESE regarding ESSA Waiver Click here: https://5il.co/x3so
11 months ago, LSBA
12 months ago, LSBA
Ready to Achieve! School Operations Guidance 2021-2022 FAQs Click here: https://5il.co/v32c
12 months ago, LSBA
Maintenance of Equity Guidance for the American Rescue Plan for ESSER funding. Click here: https://www.lsba.com/browse/219893
about 1 year ago, LSBA
Cooperative Guidance for ESSER and CARES ACT Funds Click here: https://5il.co/skzk
about 1 year ago, LSBA
"Pope, Mincey resolutions recognized by the Louisiana School Boards Association" Click here: https://5il.co/sjoa
about 1 year ago, LSBA
LSBA's position statement regarding the Workkeys and ACT Assessment can be viewed by clicking here: https://5il.co/s618.
about 1 year ago, LSBA
New Stimulus Funding - Overview for Superintendents - April 2021. Click here: https://5il.co/rlab
about 1 year ago, LSBA
Federal Rescue Act Funding Information - click here: https://5il.co/rkhp
about 1 year ago, LSBA
U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FACT SHEET American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Click here: https://5il.co/qv68
over 1 year ago, LSBA
FY 2020-21 MFP Formula: Preliminary Oct. 1 2020 Mid-Year Adjustment for Student Enrollment (Decline) Click Here: https://5il.co/qa03
over 1 year ago, Janet Pope