safety in schools

When you hear the word "tragedy", a lot of different thoughts come to mind. Some people may think "not in our town" or "something like that just wouldn't happen here," yet, the potential is always there. Whether a tragedy happens or not, it's always best to be prepared. This training program addresses the threats and vulnerabilities of schools and provides direction for emergency situations and crisis plans. It is built with the educator in mind and focuses on different areas of concern when it comes to keeping your students, your employees, and our schools safe. Regardless of what occurs - the everyday accident or an unthinkable tragedy - you will be prepared and trained to understand a threat and how to prevent it from becoming a reality.

The purpose of this plan is to provide Louisiana school board members with additional resources to fulfill the necessary amount of annual training hours as required by state law. The Safety in Schools training program is available as part of the LSBA's Training on Demand options. Listed below are two possible topics for use in preparing for crises in our schools.

Creating a Culture of Readiness: A Firsthand Account of a School Tragedy (2 hours)

This training gives an actual account of the day and the days following an active shooting event at the Marshall County High School campus in Benton, Kentucky on January 23, 2018 from the firsthand perspective of the school's superintendent who was on the scene that day. There were two students killed this day and 18 non-fatal injuries. Of those injuries, 14 were from gunfire discharged by a student on campus. Trent Lovett is the superintendent of schools and offers his recount and advice for school administration and employees as he looks back on this day and the lessons learned. This first-person account of a tragic day is both informative and heartbreaking.

- Chapter 1: A day in the life of an active shooter event
- Chapter 2: Take-aways from the unthinkable

Awareness and Response to Active Shooter Threats (2 hours)

This active shooter training video offers details from many well-known active shooting events across the country including body camera footage and police scanner sound bites. The training is taught by a retired law enforcement officer with more than two decades of experience in thousands of high-risk tactical operations, giving him the experience and first-hand knowledge. This is a high intensity video that will leave you with a lingering awareness of threats that face us each day. The teaching of the D.E.F.E.N.D. acronym offers insight to the reality of what real physical security looks like and , more importantly, how to achieve it.

- Awareness & Response to Active Shooter Threats
- Readiness for Uncertainty in Schools
- Chapter 1: Lessons from History
- Chapter 2: The Active Shooter
- Chapter 3: How to D.E.F.E.N.D.
- Chapter 4: The Importance of Hard Corners and Bleeding Control

To register, please contact your school board secretary.

The cost of each course is $100.00.

**These videos contain footage that some may find unsettling or of a graphic nature.