2021 School Board Member Recognition Month

Jan 1 to Jan 31 - ALL DAY

Click the link below to access the Planning Kit. https://www.lsba.com/o/lsba/browse/178490

LSBA 2021 Video Contest

Feb 12 - ALL DAY

The Louisiana School Boards Association is accepting entries for its 2021 Video Contest. The theme, “Public Schools: Lessons Beyond the Classroom”, focuses on successful local community service programs. Online submissions only of the final product will be accepted. For questions or additional information, visit: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/998186/LSBA_2020_2021_Video_Contest.pdf or contact Robin Cosenza at rcosenza@lsba.com or call (225) 769-3191.

LSBA 83rd Annual Convention

Mar 7 to Mar 9 - ALL DAY

400 Caddo St, Shreveport, LA 71101, USA

Registration for LSBA's 83rd Annual Convention is now open. Click here to register: https://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=LSBA&WebCode=EventDetail&evt_key=ccb3b8af-7060-4c38-9ace-f64ab5051d6d