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Update 1 - Minutes of Board of Dirctors Meeting - March 1, 2011 - Monday, April 4, 2011



Board of Directors Meeting

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


March 1, 2011




A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Louisiana School Boards Association was held Tuesday, March 1, 2011 in the Chairman’s Library of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Baton Rouge.


The meeting was called to order by LSBA President Stella Lasseigne.


The following officers and directors were present:


Stella Lasseigne                                              Darrin Manuel

John Smith                                                      Brett Bonin

Ray Alfred                                                      Thomas Nelson

Patricia Russo                                                 Clara Duhon

Elvin Pradia                                                    Dorothy Brown

Frankie Mitchell                                              Barthlomew Claiborne

Bonita Reliford                                               Sandra Bailey-Simmons


Others present were Nolton Senegal, Lloyd Dressel, Doris Butler, Dr. Betty Kennedy, Eddah Spears, Stefanie Duco, Don Whittinghill, Byron Stewart, Marlin Daniels, Robert Hammonds and Carolyn Wooten.


Nolton Senegal gave the invocation and Darrin Manuel led the pledge of allegiance.


On a motion by Frankie Mitchell and a second by Dorothy Brown the Board of Directors voted to adopt the agenda.  The motion carried.


On a motion by Dorothy Brown and a second by Brett Bonin the Board of Directors voted to approve the minutes of the December 3, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting.  The motion carried.


Mrs. Lasseigne introduced Paul Arrigo of the Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Mr. Arrigo welcomed the Board of Directors to Baton Rouge and encouraged them to visit the cultural area in the city during their stay.  Geraldine Bordelon also thanked everyone for coming to Baton Rouge.


Mrs. Lasseigne reported that the January Trailblazer was a huge success.  She also reported that about 40 persons attended the FRN Conference in February.  She stated that the Louisiana delegates met with our Congressmen and Senators during that conference.


Mr. Senegal called on Don Whittinghill to give information on the Better Choices for a Better Louisiana Coalition.  The organization is questioning the administration on budgeting issues.  They are also concerned about properly funding education in the state.  Mr. Senegal will forward the email that he received from the coalition to the Board of Directors.


On a motion by Frankie Mitchell and a second by Clara Duhon, the Board of Directors voted to defer action until the Executive Director of BCLA can present to the LSBA Board of Directors at the June 2011 meeting.  The motion carried.


On a motion by Brett Bonin and a second by Thomas Nelson the Board of Directors voted to authorize the Executive Committee and the LSBA staff to observe the BCLA during the upcoming legislative session and then make recommendations to the full Board.  The motion carried.


Mr. Senegal reported that we have received several inquiries as to how much the dues are for associate members.  He read Article III, Section 4 of the Bylaws referring to Associate Membership in the Association.  The amount of dues has not been addressed.


On a motion by John Smith and a second by Thomas Nelson, the Board voted to defer this item to the Executive Director for a study and to come back with a recommendation to the Board in June.  The motion carried.


Lloyd Dressel gave a presentation of a chart showing the financial growth of LSBA from 2004 thru 2010.


Mr. Senegal presented an LSBA organizational chart.  He is seeking the Board’s approval to restructure the office staff and then refer to the Finance Committee.  The Finance Committee will study the salaries of other comparable state associations.  They would recommend adjustments to the Executive Committee who would then make a recommendation to the full Board.


On a motion by Thomas Nelson and a second by Barthlomew Claiborne the Board of Directors voted on accepting the Executive Director’s recommendation to approve the new organizational chart.  The motion failed.  Voting against the recommendation were Stella Lasseigne, Darrin Manuel, John Smith, Ray Alfred, Patricia Russo, Sandra Bailey-Simmons and Brett Bonin.


On a motion by Patricia Russo and a second by Sandra Bailey-Simmons, the Board of Directors voted to rescind the vote on the previous motion.  The motion carried.


On a motion by John Smith and a second by Thomas Nelson the Board of Directors voted to accept the Executive Director’s presentation of the organizational chart for informational purposes only.  The motion carried.


John Smith reported that we are in the organizational stage of forming the Political Action Committee.  The PAC Board will meet and have a report for the June meeting.


Patricia Russo reported that the Legislators of the Year have been selected.  She stated that as soon as legislative information is available, a meeting will be set.  She would like for her entire committee to be brought in for the process of prioritizing bills with the staff.


Barthlomew Claiborne reported that referees were given a pay raise a few years ago and the LHSAA wants them to get more certification.  He also reported that home-schooled students can participate in sports at the discretion of the school principal.


Dr. Betty Kennedy gave a report on the SPPW grant.  She stated that the 27 school districts that are participants are doing well.  Two districts are in the process of getting their initial invoices in.  She also stated that a follow-up training will be held April 4, 2011 at Pennington Biomedical Center in Baton Rouge.


Lloyd Dressel reported on the PAC.  He stated that a letter had been mailed to all school board members and a second mailing went out after newly elected school board members were seated.  He encouraged payroll deduction as a means of making contributions.  Information about the PAC is on the LSBA website and a brochure is in everyone’s convention packet.  He will make a presentation at several of the functions during the Convention.


Lloyd Dressel reported that LSBIT is still responsible for four claimants.


Doris Butler reported that 540 persons are registered for the convention.  49 presidents and 49 superintendents are registered.  Carolyn Wooten and Doris Butler called attention to the packets that contained the program.  They were reminded to not only complete the evaluation form but to get stamps for the sessions that they attend in order to receive credit.  Carolyn Wooten distributed the introduction packets for the Directors.  Doris Butler gave instructions for the stamp process.  Instructions for the evening activities were given.


Robert Hammonds gave the legal update.  He said that a legal quiz would be given during his presentation of the School Law Forum.  He also reminded them of the invitation to the luncheon.


Mr. Hammonds reminded the Board of the amicus brief that was filed on behalf of LSBA regarding the Lafayette case.  He reported that the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned the decision and that Lafayette Parish School Board was not responsible for what happened to the child.


Regarding the Retirement litigation law suit, he filed a motion for summary judgment.  The judge on the case said that she would render her decision later this month.


Nolton Senegal reported that we realized approximately $7,000 from the Facilities Workshop and $40,000 from the Governance Workshop.  He also reported that NSBA dues for the association would increase for 2011-2012.


Mr. Senegal reported that the strategic plan is discussed each week during staff meeting.


With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.


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