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2010 Resolutions Request - Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Just Dirty Paper!

Resolutions guide LSBA in its advocacy for children’s education

The 2010 session of the Louisiana Legislature is an open session.  LSBA was hard pressed to meet challenges in the 2009 session where legislators were limited to but five non-fiscal introductions.

Resolutions adopted by the annual LSBA convention delegates serve as the guide for the association in presenting the local school case before the legislators.  Current educational climate presents a host of challenges.   It is important that each school board member give some consideration to the goals and direction of school boards and LSBA; and to become proactive in presenting policy that is aimed at protecting the local governance of public education.

If you want to become part of the voice for public schools present the idea to your school board.  Once adopted the resolution should be sent, by December 4, 2009, to the LSBA Resolutions Committee for consideration.  It can be sent by e-mail, regular mail, or FAX.

Next, the Resolutions Committee will evaluate all proposed resolutions submitted and take appropriate action.  Those resolutions approved by the Committee are then submitted for consideration at the annual convention in March.

Resolutions rejected by the Committee, or emergency resolutions, may be reconsidered at the annual convention’s Resolutions Committee meeting.

Once adopted by floor vote at the Convention the resolutions are incorporated into LSBA’s advocacy operation in the upcoming legislative session.  Such resolutions carry much weight as they express the considered opinions of civic leaders in legislator’s home districts.  The direct connection of school boards to their grass roots constituencies is respected in the legislature.

Currently, LSBA expects a heavy load of proposals dealing with education will be considered.  Revisions to school board roles and authority were beaten back in 2009, but will be back with renewed vigor.  In addition, there are expected to be revisions to the MFP that will have far-reaching impacts.  Recovery School District law that allows the state to take-over poor performing schools is expected to also be an active area for consideration.

Your participation, and support, can play a vital role in protecting Louisiana’s students from “cookie cutter” solutions formulated in Washington, D.C. or Baton Rouge.  Join the battle to protect your local school board’s interest.

Nolton Senegal, Sr., Executive Director, LSBA