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Accountability Commission on Rerouting Test Scores - Wednesday, January 7, 2009
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Accountability Commission on Rerouting Test Scores
The new Accountability Commission, today, named Lloyd Lindsey as its Chairman. Lindsey is Superintendent of the West Feliciana Parish Public Schools. He has continuously served on the Commission since its inception in the early 1990s. He was elected by acclamation as the only nominee.
In dealing with the politically volatile issue of rerouting magnet school scores, the Commission voted to recommend to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education that scores remain in the magnet schools. The motion precludes schools transfers “of convenience” where a potentially failing student is transferred to an alternative program so as to advantage the home school’s performance score.
The definition of alternative schools and the method of accountability to be applied to alternative schools will be evaluated and reported back to the Commission. Paul Pastorek, state superintendent of education, advised commissioners that their recommendation would not impact current year accountability reports. Should BESE adopt the Commission recommended policy, then many alternative schools are expected to fall into failing status.
The Commission will, over the next two months, begin consideration of ways that growth models may be used in the revision of Louisiana’s accountability system. A capsule primer on the characteristics of growth models was presented.
The next Blue Ribbon Commission meeting will hear presentations from some national experts on growth models. They are expected to share experiences from states such as Tennessee, Delaware, North Carolina and the City of Denver. Each uses growth models in a different manner.
Commissioners were advised that a Louisiana Board of Regents for Higher Education program that has been operating since 2003-2004 has demonstrated the ability to predict test scores of individual students based on prior testing and demographics. The project used a kind of growth model in its work, and will be presented in the upcoming issue of the Louisiana Boardmember magazine.


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