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Gustav Is Gone - Monday, September 8, 2008
Gustav Is Gone

LSBA Is In Service

Hurricane Gustav has devastated a large swath of Louisiana. Many school systems are back into operation, but some remain closed due to damage or ongoing recovery efforts.
The storm damaged Baton Rouge more than any in recorded history. Electrical service was out to 100 percent of meters. LSBA, because it is located between two major hospitals, had its electrical service restored earlier than most other establishments in the city.
“Our staff weathered the storm with modest damage to property but no injuries, for that we can thank God,” said Nolton Senegal, LSBA executive director.
The hurricane clean up continues at a fevered pace as Hurricane Ike looms in the Northern Caribbean Sea. Meetings scheduled by LSBA and the State Department of Education are postponed until further notice.
“We pray that recovery from Gustav is not complicated by still another major storm, and stand ready to help those of our members whose lives were disrupted by its destructive forces,” Senegal said.


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