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Still more positive news - Thursday, August 28, 2008
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Still more positive news

The news from The College Board is that Louisiana high school students taking the SAT earned higher scores than the national mean in critical reading, math and writing.

The report says 2,695 students took the SAT during their high school years and through March 2008. It found a mean score of 566 for critical reading, 564 for math and 558 for writing on the college entrance exam.

That compares to national scores of 502 for critical reading, 515 for math and 494 for writing. Thus, Louisiana SAT achievement was 9.5 percent better than the national mean in the critical Mathematics testing; and 12.7 percent above the national mean in critical reading.

Those scores are out of a possible 800 in the categories. More than 1.5 million students took the test nationwide.

Most test-takers in Louisiana achieved a B average or better.

Clearly, according to Nolton Senegal, Sr., executive director, LSBA, when coupled with above national average scores on the ACT, and with rising achievement reflected in state testing, public schools in Louisiana are beginning to show the improvement that education leaders had planned in order to meet NCLB goals.
As Pre-K aged students enrolled in one of the top three programs in the nation begin to progress through primary and middle schools, achievement is expected to surge even more. The first cohorts of LA4 showed a-grade-and-a-half improvement over children of their age group who did not enroll. LA4 will expand enrollment in 2009-2010 and annually thereafter, according to Senegal.
School board members should pay tribute to their organizations and, more importantly, their students for stepping up to the plate and becoming more engaged in their educational progress.


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