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It's not too soon: Resolutions adopted at the 2009 Convention means a lot!!! - Wednesday, August 6, 2008
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Itís not too soon: Resolutions adopted at the 2009 Convention Mean a Lot
Resolutions adopted by the annual LSBA Delegate Assembly set the direction for the associationís advocacy program. The viewpoint of members is not taken lightly by members of the Louisiana Legislature or the Congressional delegation.
The local perspective of school boards constitute the very roots of American public education, and the resolutions adopted on the floor of the annual convention give voice to the continuing validity of local control of public education.
When your board provides local insights into how state or federal programs impact the students enrolled in local public schools; or when a local problem cries out for state or federal aid, the resolutions give voice to that local perspective.
When your board sees a need for help, resolutions representing the consolidated interests of all public school boards represent a vital tool in the LSBA advocacy program.
The Resolutions Committee of LSBA will meet in November to consider staff recommendations and to hear local resolutions.
Such topics as adequate funding to meet state-mandated Grade Level Expectations, tracking state funding to spending sources, modifying the student achievement testing program, expanding LA-4, or mass reclassification of student subsets that result in arbitrarily depressing test results are topics that are likely to arise in the next legislative session.
When the Resolutions Committee approves a proposal its endorsement carries the document to the Delegate Assembly in Lake Charles next year. Local initiatives that do not receive positive endorsement can be reintroduced at the Convention when the final Resolutions Committee meeting is held; or can be introduced on the floor.
The LSBA staff can aid in drafting or polishing resolutions even though only an outline of the issue in question is adopted by the local board.
The LSBA advocacy staff then selects legislative authors to convert the resolution to a House of Representatives, or Senate Resolution to be considered in the next legislative session. While resolutions are not binding in law, they provide legislators with a strong sense that there is a body of their constituents sufficiently agitated to provoke formal action. Coupling such a statement with local contact of legislators often results in positive results.
Adding, to the next school board agenda, a call for resolutions can serve as a reminder that problems are not unique and that collaboration sends a powerful message to the Capitol.


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