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Todays Student's Test Results - Tuesday, May 6, 2008
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Trending Up in High Stakes Testing
The test results announced today, by the Louisiana Department of Education, reveal slow, but very real progress in student achievement.
Both 4th and 8th grade LEAP scores in mathematics and English language arts show improvement. The Math scores of 4th and 8th grade test takers was improved by four points scoring basic and above. ELA shows higher performance with 27 percent of 4th grade ELA scores at Mastery and above, and with 71% achieving basic and above.
First time test takers of the 8th grade ELA continued to trend toward improvement. Since 1999, the percentage of these students reaching basic or above has risen 17 percent. Today’s release showed 60 percent of 8th grade, first time test takers were at basic or better.
In Math, over that same period, scores of basic and above improved 22 percent to where 60% of first time test-takers are now at basic and above.
The first time test takers at the 4th Grade level did even better. Since 1999 the percentage of students achieving basic and above has increased 16% in ELA, and 27 percent in Math


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