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LSBA Resolutions Deadline Looms! - Thursday, August 30, 2007
Resolutions form the basis on which legislative priorities are set. These priorities provide the foundation on which change happens when political and budget conditions are right for change.
Largely as the result of LASS and LSBA collaboration, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education sent to the 2007 session of the Legislature a more aggressive Minimum Foundation Plan recommendation than ever before. The yield was the largest education appropriation in history!
A growing recognition that technology is creating a tide of change in classrooms, and that Louisiana’s funding of technology initiatives is anything but a stream, is bringing about consideration of a dedicated fund that would provide long term development. Registering the position of member districts strengthens LSBA’s advocacy in behalf of such legislation.
The advent of high stakes testing, the testing for normative assessments, and of value-added testing, and the proposed end of course testing in high schools are all elements of an accountability program subject to revision. As highly rated as is the Louisiana accountability program, there is always room for improvement. What individuals bear the brunt of the impact of such changes?
Present the views of your board in resolutions that can improve the change initiatives.
Notice of deadline for submission of resolutions will be distributed in September. In December the LSBA Resolutions Committee is to study your input and make recommendations for floor action.
Will you be a party to shaping tomorrow’s education policy?
Need help in drafting resolutions?
Call LSBA or e-mail us at


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