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12/11/2007Turning Heads on Test Results
5/6/2008 Todays Student's Test Results
8/28/2008 Still more positive news
8/6/2008 Somewhere in Louisiana....There is a Vision of a World Class Education
11/13/2008Re-routing: Good for the Goose? Good for the Gander
7/24/2009 Now this is progress: The Black/White Gap in Louisiana Public School Students NAPE Scores Among Most Improved
1/9/2008 New NCLB Court Ruling Unfunded Mandates Challenged
12/2/2008 NCLB Attaches More Strings
8/5/2016 National Governor's Association ESSA Recommendations
6/9/2008 MFP Gains at a Cost
8/30/2007 LSBA Resolutions Deadline Looms!
8/19/2008 LSBA Resolutions Deadline Looms
 Resolutions provide the foundation for change. Each LSBA Convention devotes a block of time at which rank and file members are given the opportunity to articulate a position on issues that are important to their districts. Deadline is November 14, 2008
8/6/2008 It's not too soon: Resolutions adopted at the 2009 Convention means a lot!!!
11/1/2007 Is School Choice So Grand?
8/18/2008 How Does Your District Measure Up?
10/29/2008Fair Accountability: Is Re-routing Test Scores Undercutting the System?
2/17/2009 Failing! Failing!? Don't Talk to me about Failing!
3/12/2008 BESE Responds to Action Alert
7/8/2009 BESE President Live....Supports Tammie McDaniel
11/21/2008Believe in Whom?
1/7/2009 Accountability Commission on Rerouting Test Scores
12/13/2006A New Game in Town



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