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3/13/2015 MFP - St. John Litigation
3/12/2015 School Board Resolution FY 2013-2014
3/11/2015 Contingent Fee Agreement and Power of Attorney
12/10/2014St. John, et al. v. LA - Important Update Memo
12/9/2014 St. John, et al. v. LA - Filing for New Trial
2/21/2014 2014 LSBA Legislative Framework Principles & Sample Resolution
12/3/2013 LSBA & LASS Join Efforts to Address Common Core Implementation Problems
11/16/2013LDOE $69M Transmittal Memo & Distribution Table
11/15/2013LSBA Press Release NOV - Training
10/18/2013LSBA Press Release OCT BESE
10/10/2013LSBA Statement: CCSS & PARCC
10/9/2013 Lawsuit Participation Resolution and Contingency Fee Agreement
10/9/2013 LSBA Guidance MFP Lawsuit
7/25/2013 LSBA Annual Info Survey
7/3/2013 2013-2014 MFP Allocation Memo
7/3/2013 2013-2014 MFP Budget Letter & Tables
7/3/2013 2013-2014 MFP Data Sources
7/3/2013 2013-2014 MFP Table Descriptions
7/3/2013 Compass Data Presentation
7/2/2013 Supreme Court Ruling - ACT 2
10/18/2012LSBA Lawsuit - Injunctive Relief Brief
10/18/2012LSBA Lawsuit - Original Filing for Injunctive Relief
10/18/2012LSBA Lawsuit - Trial Brief
10/18/2012LSBA Lawsuit - Trial Brief II - October 2012
7/5/2012 NEWS RELEASE - SCR 99 - MFP
7/3/2012 Virtual School Not Virtual in Dollars
5/31/2012 Education Budgeting - A Game of Blind-Man’s Bluff
5/23/2012 Rush to Judgment in the Louisiana Legislature
5/21/2012 The Taste of Honey Or is it the taste of money? Your Money!
3/28/2012 Rush to Judgment in the Louisiana Legislature
3/13/2012 Take a Look Inside Of the Charter School Movement


2/28/2012 Old Soldiers Never Die…Old Superintendents don’t even fade away!
2/20/2012 Brookings Institute Presents a Different View of Common Core
2/8/2012 There are devils in the details
1/18/2012 Oh let’s do be consistent in policy!
1/18/2012 The Funding Crisis? Education’s Continuing Saga
1/18/2012 Washington Lobby in Force!
12/14/2011A Case for Crumbling Schools - Gov. Jindal’s Path to Educational Success
12/2/2011 Is it time for a New Education Reform
11/17/2011BESE Election and Beyond
11/10/2011Education Debate In Search of Reason
11/7/2011 What the BESE Elections are all about!
11/2/2011 Shedding Light on Student Achievement
10/31/2011Fighting a Long-Term Battle “Reformers” are Persistent
10/31/2011When Teachers Wake UP
10/26/2011Election Hangover, But there is Hope
10/20/2011Bureaucrat Funding Myth Busting!
10/17/2011RSD Achievement Claims Debunking
10/17/2011SPPW - Featuring 18 School Districts with State Team Approved Comprehensive School Wellness Policies
10/11/2011LSBA-PAC Endorsements
10/7/2011 'Tis A Shame Gov. Jindal Says Louisiana Public Schools are Failing
9/23/2011 LSBA-PAC Endorses Candidates For State Board of Elementary & Secondary Education
9/15/2011 "NSBA Fall Technology Site Visit-St. Charles Parish Oct. 12-14, 2011"
9/15/2011 The New Wave of Teachers, Perhaps a Wave bye-bye to Our Dollars?
9/8/2011 Grand Theft of Education
8/24/2011 Hear the Echoes #26
8/15/2011 Who Pays When Public Schools GO PRIVATE?
8/12/2011 Hear the Echoes #25
8/5/2011 Hear the Echoes #24
8/2/2011 A Step Toward Destruction: Public Education in Louisiana
7/27/2011 Oh yes! There is trouble in River City And it “ain’t spelled pool”!
7/26/2011 Following the Charter Dollars
7/26/2011 Summer 2011 - BoardMember
7/22/2011 “Schools Putting Prevention to Work” (SPPW) Grant Initiative - Featuring: Jefferson Parish Public School District, Region I
7/22/2011 Hear the Echoes #23
7/7/2011 Hear the Echoes # 22
6/24/2011 Hear the Echoes #21
6/17/2011 BESE Report
6/10/2011 Education Funding Hearing A whipping for the State Department
6/9/2011 Hear the Echoes #20
6/6/2011 Hear the Echoes #19
5/27/2011 Hear the Echoes #18
5/23/2011 Arne Duncan Intrusion
5/20/2011 Hear the Echoes #17
5/19/2011 It's About More than Paul Pastorek!
5/11/2011 A Change and an Opportunity
5/6/2011 Hear the Echoes #16
4/29/2011 Hear the Echoes #15
4/26/2011 LSBA Report
11/23/2010School Board Governance Workshop
10/27/2010The Sad State of Education Reform Today - Diane Ravitch
9/28/2010 “Schools Putting Prevention to Work” (SPPW) Grant Award
6/24/2010 Open Enrollment...Is Choice Really Beneficial?
1/27/2010 LSBA 2010 Convention Tours Survey
12/14/2009R2T Don't Support News Release
4/30/2009 Superintendent Vacancy
3/13/2008 Action Alert Talking Points
2/21/2008 Exhibitor Prospectus - NSBA Southern Region Conference - July 21-23, 2008
1/10/2007 Looking For School Money?
10/18/2012LSBA Lawsuit Documents - Original Filing for Injunctive Relief
11/2/2009 2010 Resolutions Request
10/27/2009IS YOUR SCHOOL NEXT????
10/15/2009Go Public Campaign
10/7/2009 Race To The Top Grant Survey
8/26/2009 Challenged! The Reality of Recovery School District Funding
6/17/2009 Action Alert!!!
6/3/2009 School Board Reform
5/28/2009 ACTION Center Response
5/26/2009 LEAP/ILEAP OF FAITH Reading the Fine Print Pastorek Omitted
4/29/2009 Reform Legislation - Side Tracked
9/17/2008 BESE Special Meetings Notice
9/8/2008 Gustav Is Gone
3/7/2008 ACTION ALERT!!!
10/7/2009 Race To The Top Grant Program - Background
Listen Up!
6/21/2012 ALEC Bleeds More Corporate Support
6/11/2012 Listen UP! What Me Worry?
8/25/2011 State Superintendent Meeting Reveals Another Passdown Cost to Local Districts
8/18/2011 Arrogance Put on Hold BESE Says Hold ON!
8/5/2011 We judge schools and now teachers In spite of Suspicions
7/26/2011 It's All About a Brighter Future!
6/29/2011 The Truth Will Out And RSD-NO test results are still in doubt!
6/22/2011 Is Local Control Of Public Education Sunsetting Into History?
6/10/2011 Where Intervention is a Must! Get rid of dropout factories
6/8/2011 LSBA PAC - We can’t let him Walk into the night Unprepared!
6/8/2011 Webster Parish School Board - Superintendent Job Advertisement
6/3/2011 All that Glitters is not Gold
5/25/2011 LEAP of Faith
5/25/2011 LSBA PAC - Cooking up a special surprise For the public school privateers!
4/26/2011 Pastorek Presuming Defies the Law! Again!
4/21/2011 Hear the Echoes #14
4/15/2011 Hear the Echoes #13
4/5/2011 Hear the Echoes #12
4/4/2011 Update 1 - Minutes of Board of Dirctors Meeting - March 1, 2011
4/1/2011 Hear the Echoes #11
3/29/2011 “Schools Putting Prevention to Work” (SPPW) Grant Initiative Featuring: Allen Parish School District, Region V
3/25/2011 Hear the Echoes #10
3/16/2011 Hear the Echoes # 9
2/25/2011 Hear the Echoes #8
2/8/2011 Hear the Echoes # 6
2/8/2011 Hear the Echoes # 7
1/26/2011 Listen Up the Senate Hears the RSD
1/18/2011 Hear the Echoes # 5
1/7/2011 Hear the Echoes # 4
1/3/2011 Hear the Echoes # 3
12/21/2010Hear the Echoes # 1
12/21/2010Hear the Echoes # 2
12/13/2010Listen UP What's Wrong With Profits
5/25/2010 Privatization Critics Crying Wolf? You be the Judge


4/1/2010 Race To The Top Failure



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