LSBA History
Formed in 1938, the Louisiana School Boards Association (LSBA) is a non-profit service organization representing local school board members in 69 local systems. The association interfaces with other state, regional, and national organizations having the common goal of improving student performances.
In Louisiana Vision 2020, a master plan for economic development, three goals are set forth as a means to create a better, more competitive Louisiana: Education, Economy, and Quality of Life.
The primary goal, the one that makes the other two goals possible, is to recreate our state as a Learning Enterprise, a complex organism in which all businesses, institutions, and citizens are actively engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. It demands that every citizen, business, and institution take direct responsibility for the acquisition and utilization of knowledge. In this way, lifelong learning becomes directly linked to upward mobility and economic development. Louisiana Vision 2020 places new emphasis on the importance of early childhood education and teacher quality as keys to increasing student achievement and breaking the cycle of poverty.
LSBA offers opportunities for your business or agency to pursue in helping make goal one of Louisiana Vision 2020 achievable as well as select marketing avenues for your business to provide education decision makers with information on how your products or services can help local school boards.



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